About James

A unique scottish sound

Hi, I’m James Sutherland, a Scottish voice over artist based in London. I specialise in commercial, corporate, explainer, gaming, animation, e-learning, audio dramas and documentary narration.

James Sutherland stood, hands in his pockets with an old lush forrest behind him.

Working with me

I’m confident in text interpretation and adept in being able to take and apply direction. As an experienced actor, I love the process of modifying my performance, but I’m also happy to offer ideas too. I am a firm believer in the collaborative process and am always available for feedback and to offer my creative thoughts and inspirations.

My many passions in life have included ornithology, punk music, martial arts and, of course, acting. Each one I’ve thrown myself into wholeheartedly; when I grow an interest, I have an ever-magnifying thirst for knowledge about it.

This passion means I’m always determined to excel and succeed. And I will therefore always go the extra mile to deliver my best work for my clients.

James Sutherland laughing, standing against a stone wall holding metal black railings.

A versatile actor with authentic delivery

I’ve performed in all manners of venues – from the grand and ornate 1000-seater theatres, small studio theatres and spaces, to rooms above pubs. I have acted at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival 9 times. Over half of those shows were open-air theatre productions where knowing how to use and project your voice is key.

The warm and reassuring aspect to my vocal style has seen me cast for various doctor roles in film projects and also as a volunteer for the emotional support charity, Samaritans. This trusting, friendly, reassuring delivery is ideal for the corporate/explainer brand or commercial.

I have also played leading Shakespearean noblemen and appeared in various TV crime dramas (on both sides of the law!). In other words, I can bring authenticity to both the classy, charming and debonair as well as the tough, edgy and working class.

Fusing the theatre with my film and TV experience has furnished me with a large and varied box of vocal tools which I would be delighted to lend to your project.

A little of my acting history

All acting (including voice acting) is, in essence, storytelling.

My first experience of acting in front of an audience happened when I was about 9 years old. My friend John and I performed an Osmond’s song in his grannie’s front garden with plastic guitars. This was a rather creative form of storytelling as neither of us knew the proper lyrics – we just made them up!

I’ve no idea if the neighbours were in any way entertained, but I do remember some stopping as they walked past to peer over the hedge at us. ‘Ah, this is a good sign’, I thought! I think I knew then that I wanted to be a performer, and to have my stories wholeheartedly and unquestionably believed.

Although these days I am more careful about knowing the words, I regularly enjoy keeping my storytelling skills fresh as an actor with live audiences. Alongside my experience on stage, on screen and in gardens, I applied my skills to the corporate training sector for numerous years. I travelled the length and breadth of the UK training private and public sector delegates in equality, diversity, inclusion and all aspects of conflict management in the workplace. This has naturally been of benefit in the interpretation of corporate and e-learning voice projects.

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch and let’s chat about your project. If you would like a free brief bespoke demo, I’m happy to help. I like to make your life as easy as possible.

James Sutherland sat looking out the of window in a cafe. Edinburgh castle is in the background.