My work

I’ve enjoyed working on everything from corporate brands and e-learning projects to animation and audio dramas.

James Sutherland similing at the camera, with a burnt orange wall behind him.

Finding just the right voice for your project is not only about finding a voice that fits

My skills and experience as a trained actor mean that I approach every job with steadfast focus and professionalism. I’m always prepared to go that extra mile within the warm, playful and welcoming recording environment I create with each client.

My clients have high standards and expectations, and I aim to deliver without fault. I’m always prepared to push boundaries and not just ‘conform to the norm’.

Kind words from clients

A Bear Named Wojtek

An animated feature film released in 2024.

The incredible true story of this iconic Syrian Brown Bear is very close to my heart as I played Wojtek in Theatre Objektiv’s highly successful theatre production of ‘Wojtek the Bear’ which ran for 3 years and over 80 performances.

This took in 2 Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs, a Scottish tour, and 2 runs in Warsaw, Poland. In the play Wojtek was a speaking ‘humanised’ bear.

In this film I play the leading role of Chairman, and Wojtek is mute. However, this is no children’s story of Baloo or Yogi. Wojtek is a story for everyone.

The film won the Best Long Form award at the British Animation Awards 2024.

Trailer for 'A Bear Named Wojtek'

What the client thought

Silhouette of James Sutherland taken from behind. He is paritially lit, sitting on a chair on a theatre stage.

Interpreting script and owning the character

Every single voiceover project is different. For a corporate brand video or commercial, you may for instance, be looking for a voice to inspire, excite, or inform your audience. Or perhaps a blend of these things. You might be looking for a voice that is friendly, warm, sincere and reassuring.

An audio drama will demand a very believable character whose individual relationships within the drama appear completely real. All the emotions the character shifts through in the story must be honest from moment to moment. Their emotional journey is what will carry your audience through the story.

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Quod Orbis

This was a directed session, and what I especially loved about working on this project was the direction I was given.

I felt inspired knowing that the client was looking for a delivery and style akin to “a Scottish version of (insert name of well-known English film actor)”. I just love having this spontaneity to fly with a vision and accompanying impulse. To feel and trust what springs from this energy which I’m creating moment to moment and fitting it to the text. I got on a complete roll with it during the session and the client was delighted.

What the client thought

BBC Scotland Promo

TV advert for BBC Scotland promoting the upcoming British Bantamweight Boxing match between Kash Farooq v Kyle Williams.

Being fanatical about sport, and especially combat sports, it was a treat having the opportunity to work on this TV advert for BBC Scotland. Billed as ‘The Battle of Britain’ we Scots just love competing against our old sporting neighbours and friendly foes!

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James Sutherland laughing, standing against a stone wall holding metal black railings.

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